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Colin Mathews
Colin Matthews

Maths Consultancy Services

National Mathematics Improvement Service wants to work with schools like yours to improve the maths teaching throughout the UK. Our maths consultant, Colin Matthews, will help you promote and strengthen your own model for mathematics teaching in both a primary and secondary school environment. Colin will work with Governors, Head teachers, SMT maths Leads, heads of mathematics and teachers of maths in a comprehensive through school improvement programme to allow you to have confidence in your mathematics teachers.

We believe that the key to being successful in mathematics is for teachers to be confident and knowledgeable and for pupils to enjoy and engage with interesting mathematics successfully in a context where the whole school supports, recognises and praises mathematical endeavour.

Our preferred model of working, following initial contact, is to undertake an in depth review of mathematics within your school. In Primary schools this takes one or two days, depending on school size. In secondary schools this normally takes 2 days but sometimes 3 in large schools/ academies. On completion, this review is followed by a verbal feedback to SMT with recommendations for improvement. In all cases the verbal report is followed by a written report with recommendations for improvement linked to the key categories reported on in Ofsted reports.

Many schools find the review is valuable and empowering in its own right and use the report for their own self-improvement approaches as well as evidence to Ofsted of leadership awareness of issues. NMIS will also offer a reasonable cost supported improvement programme to ensure improvement progress builds on the momentum of change generated by the review. This is very popular with schools, especially where leadership and management of mathematics requires strengthening or the school is seeking to improve outcomes following inspection.

NMIS believes every school should have its own vision for mathematics education, it believes all schools must work harder to raise the profile of mathematics within the school in order to promote cultural and attitudinal changes towards mathematics, to reduce anxiety about mathematics and to encourage enthusiasm, enjoyment and recognition of mathematics as a major life skill.

During the duration of the support programme NMIS will be involved in the leading of mathematics improvement from start to finish at all levels of leadership. However, we know from experience that schools almost always have a range of effective materials knowledge and capacity for improvement themselves, albeit not always well structured or cohesive. In recognition of this NMIS works alongside schools as an improvement partner with the intention to build a strong mathematically sustainable school. We work with you and support you rather doing unto you. We do have nationally proven initiatives and intervention programmes and approaches that may be new to you, but equally we know you will have successful and well-loved resources, approaches and activities that you would rather develop than replace. NMIS will work with your school to strengthen what you have rather than to replace it.

National Mathematics Improvement Service uses a simple costing model of a fixed rate day charge for time within your school. There are no additional charges for travel or subsistence. NMIS do not charge for preparation time or “at home” working time.

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